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resina is a curatorial and artistic collective established in Ferrara, Italy in 2017. Between 2017-2021 resina’s work took the form of publications, workshops, reading groups and spatial explorations.

From 2019, resina was researching informal learning environments and how to create working spaces across geographical distance. In 2020, resina was organising an internal research and development residency ILE focusing on informal learning practices.

In 2017-2018, resina’s main project was Ferrara Residency, an international residency in Italy for emerging artists and thinkers; and organised various exhibitions and events across Italy and UK. Ferrara Residency was funded by Ferrara Council and Emilia Romagna Region. 

Image credits:
1, 5, 8, 9: Various resina collective at meetings, in London and online, 2019. Photo: Angelica Bolletinari
3, 6: Ferrara Residency, Venice Biennale trip, Italy 2017. Photo: Archive Ferrara Residency
2, 4: resina collective, Ferrara, Italy 2017. Photo: Josefina Malmegard
7, 10; Sensory Futures, 2018, resina workshop and RAM reading group at Index Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden 2018. Photo: Josefina Malmegard.