Transforming, 2023
Sublimation print on polyester fabric, climbing and camping ropes, carabiners, brass, grommets, aluminium poles, cotton thread
4.5m x 2.5m

A series of textile banners which were developed with Society Of Explorers, group of young people at Site Gallery. The group have collaborated with me over a period of half a year and through a series of workshops developed drawings, texts, shapes and other reflections from which these banners were created They serve as a board, a collection of thoughts, a map of ideas and

a story of the making process. In this storytelling, time is not linear, but overlapping.

The Society of Explorers are: Amelie, Cecilia, Diyana, Edie, Isabelle, Isobel, Jay, Kolbie, Liesl, Lila, Nate, Otto, Ruby, Sage, Sofiia, Tilly and Zak.

Images, Installation view of Wishful Thinking, 2023. Site Gallery, Sheffield Photo: Shared Programme, 2023 and Lucie Kordacova, 2023

Commissioned by Site Gallery, 2023