M’m! M’m! Good!
7 MARCH – 18 APRIL 2015

The exhibition M’m! M’m! Good! takes its title from a Campbell’s Soup advertising slogan, whilst reframing it to suggest that eating, and our relationship to food and nutrition, is increasingly a political choice.

Far from being a survey or manifesto, the exhibition addresses with humour and irony themes of global food production and distribution, the forces of capitalism and the market on food, as well as the cultural and social issues associated with being a consumer.

The exhibition combines works and interventions by
Luca Francesconi, Lisa Holzer, Maryam Jafri, David Jourdan, Sophie Lee, and Kate Sansom.

Curated and text by Guillaume Breton and Tyler Woolcott
Assistant Curator Lucie Kordacova
Funded by Art Council London. Photo: Andy Stagg