13th APRIL 2019

Cherche Encore 006 x sixtysevencollective: A room of One's own vol 2 with Jessika Khazrik, peb, Hortense, Benjamin Whateley, Marion Magrangeas, Andrej Chudy and Gabriela Zigova.

'A Room of One’s Own vol 2' is the second performance collaboration between Cherche Encore and the sixtyseven collective (Lucie Kordacova, Adriana Kytjova) hosted between Deptford Cinema and the flat above on Saturday 13th April from 7pm.

We will meet and talk and experience DIY electronic music and ideas of hosting inclusive events in familiar spaces; we intend for this to be your space away from consumer nightlife culture to engage in the creation of sonic spaces. The evening will begin with a livecoding meet-up. We will look into TidalCycles meetup, but also Veda (shaders). This does not require any prior knowledge of computing, livecoding or music production. Just bring your laptop, headphones and an open mind to discuss and test ideas.

Performances will take place between Deptford Cinema and the upstairs flat’s roof terrace that will become stages for acts exploring ideas around private and public space and sonic experimentation This event follows the performance of Hortense's 'Less Scared' in the same space in August 2017 and Aleks Horsfield's 'The Need to Care' in November 2017.

We will ensure you are safe in the space and we will help you participate if you feel isolated. We will ensure talking space isn’t limited to privileged voices and we will prioritise this platform for those who have intersecting oppressions. 0 tolerance for sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, or ableism.

Drawings and posters by Penny Klein
Images by Adriana Kytkova