Two channel projection, installation of a chain and diary notes

Lucie a Lucia was an experimental perfor- mance piece in which we spent two weeks joined together by a 50cm long chain. At the start of the performance we hardly knew each other and the work explores an unnatural connection between two peo- ple forced rapidly into an intense personal relationship.

The motivation for this experiment was to experience the contradictory loss of both privacy and intimacy. In binding ourselves together we would see how the merging together of two lives necessitated changes and adaptation in all of our other relation- ships. 

How would this experience affect surroundings? To what extent would we
be able to adapt to this new way of living together? What would we have to give
up? How do we acknowledge one’s own experience in relation to, and in confronta- tion with, the inescapable presence of the other?

As well as taking the form of an experi- ment in co-living, the project also explored the differences in our lived experiences, culture and language, as well as the rela- tionships between our respective countries (Lucia SK and Lucie is CZ).

The outcome of this performance is a two channel video which consists of each of our individual camera takes throughout those two weeks. The diaries that we kept for the duration of the performance are also part of the installation. We formed a strong relationship and continued collaborating together after this work.