Gutted, 2022

Gutted was commissioned by and presented at Site Gallery as part of IN-SIDE-OUT-SIDE-IN (23 Sept-22 Dec 2022) an exhibition curated by Laura Wilson with Angelica Sule and Robyn Haddon.

A commision to create costume for performance Gutted which was written by Laura Wilson & Alan Whiting and performed by Nadia Eman and Cush Jumbo. The costume stayed a part of the exhibition. You can read more about Laura’s work here.

Laura Wilson, Gutted (2022)
Written by: Laura Wilson & Alan Whiting
Costume: Lucie Kordacova
Fabric design: Laura Wilson
Performance 1  performed by: Nadia Eman & Cush Jumbo
Photography by Jules Lister 
Performance 2 performed by: Cush Jumbo
Photography by Shared Programme
Installation images by Jules Lister and Lucie Kordacova