Dark But Happy Place presents works by London based Slovakian artists Peter Sulo and Gabriela Zigová. Following the first collaboration between Peter and Gabriela, the exhibition C-Hole which took place in Bratislava’s gallery Photoport in February 2018, Deptford Does Art will launch their second joint project Dark But Happy Place curated by Lucie Kordacova.

Gabriela Zigová uses photography, performance, site specific and interactive installation or a combination of these to explore social situations in relation to culture and political events. For Dark But Happy Place, Zigová presents a new work, a series of almost documentary photograph mirroring her everyday life. Zigová is seeing by observing, questioning her position within the image and defining her own space. For this occasion she creates an honest description of her surroundings, reflecting empty social spaces. She often sets the environment for imagination to happen. Gabriela is creating full empty spaces where stories can occur.
Peter Sulo’s work is rich in storytelling and is conceived as a kind of language, created for the purpose of sharing with other people. He employs visual stimuli from his surroundings and recreates them in painting and/or drawing in order to explore the elements from which they are constructed and to expand the meaning of an image through his own stories and interpretations.Peter Sulo’s paintings and drawings explore boundaries between reality and fiction particularly in relation to popular images. By appropriating old masters his paintings are referencing historical events, expanding the story and developing new dreamlike fabulation.
Peter Sulo is a London based artist. He holds a MA in Painting and other media at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Recent exhibitions include “C - Hole” (with Gabriela Zigova), Photoport, Bratislava, 2018; “By Other Means”, London, 2017;  “Unscripted Vernissage -  Painting & Sculpture” , Modular+, Berlin, 2017; “Drawn Closer”, Undercurrents Gallery, London, 2016; Young Art Show”, Slovakian Embassy, Moscow, 2015. Peter is represented by Photoport Gallery in Bratislava.

Gabriela Zigová is an artist based in London and Bratislava and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava. Recent exhibitions include “C - Hole” (with Peter Sulo), Photoport, Bratislava, 2018; “Turmoil Excess_Vorspiel”, Transmediale & CTM, Modular+, Berlin, 2018; Galéria M. A. Bazovského (with Ilona Nemeth), Trenčín, 2017; “Transart Communication”(performance festival), Budapest, 2017; “Rencontre internationale d’art performance”, Quebec City and “ViVA! Art Action”, Montreal, 2016.
Curated by Lucie Kordacova
Text: Lucie Kordacova
Poster: Gabriela Zigova
Photo credit: Lucie Kordacova, Gabriela Zigova