Lucie Kordacova (she/her) is a Czech artist and costume maker based in Sheffield, UK. Her largely collaborative practice takes the form of site-specific installations and performance, sculptures, and moving image. She works with textile and costumes and often collaborates with artists and choreographers on costumes for performances and films. In her work she explores methods of collaboration, alternative education practices and issues that are pertinent to the communities she works within, including the human and more-than-human landscapes and she studies relationships that are formed by water.

During 2017-2021 Lucie was a member of resina, a curatorial and artistic collective based across Italy, Sweden and UK. In 2017-2018, resina’s main project was Ferrara Residency, a month-long international residency in Italy for emerging artists and thinkers as well as various exhibitions and events across Italy and the UK. Lucie is a founder of sixtyseven collective active in 2016-2018, a curatorial platform which supported cultural practitioners in south-east London and explored strategies for collaboration and community engagement.

Lucie worked with galleries and cultural organisations including Cinema For All in Sheffield, South London Gallery, Rowing in London, A4  Space For Contemporary Culture in Bratislava and Deptford Cinema in London. 

Lucie has a BA in Fashion Design from the Technical University in Liberec and an MA in Fine Arts from J.E Purkyne University. Studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Bratislava. 

In 2023 Lucie received specific costume training with Emmy and BAFTA winner Jane Petrie, Beth Gillman and Vanessa Lingham via the Start a Career in Costume Programme.
2024 September: Biot Glass Festival, Biot/ FR
2024 July: with Miroslava Vecerova, Collective Fictions, St Leonards/ UK
2024 June-Aug: Arid Landscapes & Ancient Waters, with Miroslava Vecerova, For Maat Gallery, Trencin/ SK
2024 OSTARA, Electro Studio Project Space, St Leonards/ UK
2023 Wishful Thinking, Site Gallery, Sheffield /UK
2023 Collaboration with Laura Wilson: To the Wind’s Teeth & Deep, Deepen, Deepening costumes on display at CCA, Derry-Londonderry /UK
2022 Collaboration with Laura Wilson: Gutted; IN-SIDE-OUT-SIDE-IN, Site Gallery, Sheffield  /UK
2021 Collaboration with Laura Wilson: Resting; Stanley Picker Gallery, London /UK
2021 Collaboration with Laura Wilson: Resting; V&A Museum, London /UK
2021 Collaboration with Laura Wilson: To the Wind’s Teeth; Llwyn Celyn /UK
2020 Let's All Look at How We Look When We Are Alone Together, ReCreative Film School Online Screening, South London Gallery, London /UK
2020 Volny Termin, Pistoryho Palac, Bratislava /SK
2020 Costumes for Janine Harrington: good luck, dinosaur; Fest en Fest, London /UK
2019 Motion of Difference, Parapet Gallery, Bratislava /SK
2019 Artrooms, Moravany Nad Vahom, Slovakia /SK
2019 Invisible City, The Steamship, London /UK
2019 Costumes for Laura Wilson:Deep, Deepen, Deepening, Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery /UK
2018 RAM reading group, Index - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm /SE
2018 How did you get into my house?, REcreative Screening, South London Gallery, London /UK
2017 a bath of self-esteem, Galleria del Carbone and GATE/Porta, Ferrara/ IT
2017 Who Cares?, Ilturco, Ferrara/IT
2017 Watching a Strange Theatre, Deptford X Gallery, London /UK
2016 Watching a Strange Theatre, Deptford Cinema, Deptford X Fringe, London /UK
2016 0 or 1, HIVE Dalston, London /UK
2016 The Hospitality 1, Deptford Cinema, London /UK
2015 Prague National Gallery, part of OFF2 BIENNALE, collaboration with Jan Martinec /CZ
2014 Participant of The actual Utopia month project by Maureen Bachaus at 'Flux Factory contemporary art centre' in New York City /US
2014 YOU ARE HERE, Kingsgate Gallery, London /UK
2014 Contextilisation, Kalopsia Gallery, Edinburgh /UK
2014 Peripheral Vision, Biennale of young Art, MMOMA, Moscow /RU
2014 3 plus 3, Ponava factory, Brno /CZ
2014 MA exhibition, YMCA, Bratislava /SK
2014 CZECHOSLOVAKIA, The Nitra Gallery, Nitra /SK
2014 Nalomeni, K4 Gallery, Prague /CZ
2013 Imaginary Worlds, Pilot club, Prague /CZ
2013 KURA’s festival, Sedlec-Kutna Hora /CZ
2013 Umeni z mista, Nekazanka, Prague /CZ
2013 Bramer’s mansion, Museum of Hungarian Culture in Slovakia, Bratislava /SK
2013 Portas Abertas/Open Doors, Evora /PT
2013 Fud in Meetfactory, Meetfactory, Prague /CZ
2013 Jejihloubka ornamentu, Gallery Na Kalvarii, Ostre /CZ
2013 Minimální trvanlivost, Emil Filla Gallery, Usti nad Labem /CZ
2012 V jednom kole v sedmém nebi, Liberec /CZ
2012 V zahradach, Symposium, Litomerice /CZ
2012 Move-up, Porto, Portugal /PT
2010 Krakora, Roxy Club, Prague /CZ
2010 BA degree exhibition, North Bohemian Museum, Liberec /CZ
2009 Gründerkunstpreis in Zittau Library and National Technical Library, Liberec /CZ, DE

Curated Exhibitions / Projects
2022 Healing Orozco Garden, South London Gallery, workshop created with Vladimira & Miroslava Vecerova led by Vladimira and Miroslava
2020 Working Progress, South London Gallery, London /UK
2019 Motion of Difference, Parapet Gallery, Slovakia /SK (co-curated)
2019 A room of one's own vol 2, collaboration with Cherche Encore, London /UK
2018 Ferrara Residency 2018 /IT (co-organisated)
2018 A Fluid Haze: thought-forms from Ferrara Residency / IT (co-curated)
2018 Dark But Happy Place, Deptford Does Art, London / UK (curated)
2018 Not-writings, Deptford Does Art, London / UK (curated)
2017 sixtyseven collective /UK (founder)
2017 Watching a Strange Theatre, Performances, The Old Tidemill Garden, London /UK (curated)
2016 Life Drawing Season, Deptford Cinema, London /UK
2015/16 Czech and Slovak Stories film season at Deptford Cinema, London /UK
2014 Why don't you go play with your brother? The TRAFO Gallery, Prague /CZ (co-curated)
2014 CZECHOSLOVAKIA, The Nitra Gallery, Nitra /SK (co-curated)
2014 BIBIONE, A4, Bratislava /SK (curated)
2013 Zeme v Trojsmysle, A4, Bratislava /SK (curated)
2013 Prostor Pameti, A4, Bratislava /SK (curated)

2016 With Karolina Mikeskova, Deptford X Fringe Award, London / UK
2012 Finalist of Schwarzkopf Fashion Talent, Bratislava /SK
2011 Finalist of New Fresh Style, Prague Fashion Weekend /CZ
2010 Finalist of Top Style Designer, Styl and Kabo, Brno /CZ
2010 Dean’s undergraduate award for bachelor thesis Portraits /CZ
2009 Grunder Kunstpreis, 3rd place, The Birds, digital print /DE
2008 Stickstich 008 – Designpreis Plauen, Experimental embroidery /DE

Symposiums & Residencies & Other projects
2024 Feb, GLOAM gallery residency, Sheffield /UK
2023 Jan- August: Working with Society of Explorers, Site Gallery, Sheffield /UK
2023 Jan-Feb, ScreenSkills, Start a Career in Costume Programme, Jane Petrie, Beth Gillman and Vanessa Lingham
2022 ebc Night School, east bristol contemporary, Arnolfini  /UK
2020 ILE, resina, online residency /UK, SWE, IT
2018 Artist led Sunday Spot workshop in collaboration with Art Assassins, South London Gallery, London /UK
2017 Ferrara Residency, Ferrara, Italy /IT
2017 Recreative Film School, South London Gallery, London /UK
2014 DAT's creatives in residency, Residency, Nuremberg /DE
2012-2014 Open Studio, VSVU with Ilona Nemeth, Bratislava /SK
2012 Open Form, Zbigniew Libera, Bratislava /SK
2012 In the Gardens, Symposium, Litomerice /CZ
2010, 2008 Experimental embroidery research and residency, Schaustickerei, Plauen /DE
2009 Storyboard, Jizerka /CZ/DE/PL
2007 Handcraft embroidery and lace, Schaustickerei, Plauen /DE

Publications & Press
2024 FOH Zine, South London Gallery
2023 SOME TIMES review
2023 Czech Centre Recommends
2022 Paper, Good Press 
2020 Art Monthly, Working Progress Review
2020 Video Report Volny Termin, Art You Can Eat
2020 Interview for Deptford X: https://deptfordx.org/news/lucie-kordacova/
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2019 Fotoreport Motion of Difference, artalk 
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